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Woody Creek Distillers William H. Macy Reserve "Bottled in Bond" Straight Rye Whiskey

by Woody Creek Distillers

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Size: 750 ML

Alc/Vol: 50%

For true rye connoisseurs, the distillery is proud to offer ‘William H. Macy Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey’ made from barrels personally selected by William H. Macy, our Woody Creek neighbor and Spokesdude. This limited edition, 10-year-old, bottled-in-bond expression was distilled from an 80% Rye / 20% Malted Barley mash bill in Spring 2013. On the nose, clove and cinnamon beckon, along with dried yellow raisins and a hint of burnt orange. As the luxurious spirit envelops the palate, its velvety texture is replete with nutty notes and fragrant autumnal baking spices. Macy Reserve’s long and luxurious finish is clean and dry, with an echo of spiced fruit and a touch of smoke.

Aged: 10 Years
Mashbill: 80% Rye, 20% Malted Barley

Bottled in Bond
Delivered in a beautiful special edition gift box, as pictured.

Brand Story

Woody Creek Distillers is a grain to glass distillery founded in 2012 by Mary and Pat Scanlan and Mark Kleckner in the town of Basalt in the Roaring Fork Valley near Aspen, Colorado. After years pursuing their own careers, these three longtime friends came together to create a line of spirits whose quality is a lasting legacy for their community, families and friends. 

Woody Creek Distillers is proud to use produce grown on their family farm and the farms of their neighbors. The distillery is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural resources of the Woody Creek region. Understanding that growing and sourcing produce locally not only makes for the best ingredients, but is also good for the environment, all grains for their whiskeys are sourced locally in Colorado, and 100% of the potatoes that go into their vodka and the base spirit of their gin are grown on their own farm in Basalt. The distillery itself is a low-emissions facility, and the waste from their raw products goes back to the Scanlan family farm in Woody Creek as compost, or to local ranches as livestock feed. 

A proud winner of Best Farm Distillery from the American Distilling Institute in 2019.

"When we founded Woody Creek Distillers, our mission was simple: To pour everything we are into everything we make."

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  • As a Cocktail

    Woody Creek Distillers 100% Potato Vodka is characterized by its clean and earthy flavors, making it an ideal vodka for your martini. It’s an ideal base spirit for mixing with a variety of flavors, whether you’re looking to play up the savory elements in a stirred cocktail or pairing it with fruit and citrus.

  • Neat or Over Ice

    Woody Creek Distillers' whiskies are all about terroir – the flavors of Colorado shine through with every sip. The attention to detail in every step of production – from fermentation, to distillation, to aging and blending – create a vivacious flavor profile that shines all on its own.

  • Food Pairings

    Woody Creek makes American spirits, and their whiskies call for an American meal: steak and potatoes, hamburger with French fries, a slice of apple pie. But American cuisine is more than just meat and potatoes – from California cuisine to Southern cooking staples to international influence on American classics, Woody Creek whiskies pair well with the evolving flavors of America.

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