Château de Millet Armagnac

Gascony, Bas Armagnac, France

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Brand Story

Château de Millet is situated just outside the town of Eauze in the Gers, in Gascony in the heart of the Bas Armagnac region. Francis and Lydie Dèche, owners, together with their daughter Laurence, who joined them in 1999, follow in the footsteps of the previous five generations by committing themselves to a policy of quality: traditional grape varieties, rational cultivation of the vineyard and constant evolution in the methods and means of vinification. 

All their Armagnacs are produced exclusively from their own vines of Baco and Ugni Blanc grapes, harvested, vinified and distilled at Château de Millet. The vines enjoy a north westerly position on the green hills where the soil alternates between clay limestone and the sandy soils known as 'sables fauves'. This specific soil from the Bas-Armagnac area is renowned for its delicate and fruity brandies. The full vineyard is 220 acres, with 25 acres devoted to Armagnac and just under 200 acres of vines for the production of Côtes de Gascogne wines.

Today, the brand is led by Laurence Dèche, Master Distiller & 5th Generation, Château de Millet Armagnac

Production Methods

VS Armagnac

Aged for 2 years in "pièces armagnacaises" barrels. This young Armagnac has a light amber color. The nose reveals a fine bouquet with fruity notes and sharply focused vanilla smell of new cask. 

VSOP Armagnac

Aged for 5 years in "pièces armagnacaises" barrels. Nose of vanilla and toast, mouth is clean with a good acidity and fatness. The alcohol is mellow with no aggression, leading to a spicy finish of white fruits like cooked pears; An eau de vie with a good length that keeps its notes of fruits and freshness. 

XO Armagnac

This "Hors d'age" is a blend of their best Bas Armagnac aged in oak barrels from 15 to 25 years. Beautiful amber color. Complex nose with notes of dried fruits and prune. Round body with notes of roasted hazelnuts. Gloriously intense finish to savour.

Vintage & Rare Armagnacs

As soon as they are out of the still, the brandies are put in 400 liter local white oak barrels for a slow aging. The eau de vie will be blended into VS, VSOP, or XO, but select casks are held to be bottled in prestigious vintages, little by little, as single casks. Each vintage remains in barrel until they are bottled on the date shown on the label. 

Vintages are available by special order on a pre-sale basis from 1975 through 2010 inclusive (except for 1991, a frost year).

We have also selected a number of celebratory vintages to showcase the depth of the range.

  • As a Cocktail

    The depth of flavor in Château de Millet Armagnac lends itself expertly to classic brandy cocktails. The notes of baking spice, stone fruit and figs in Château de Millet Armagnac are the perfect canvas for mixing moody, elegant cocktails. We recommend the VSOP or VS for mixing drinks.

  • Neat or Over Ice

    Château de Millet Armagnac expressions travel seamlessly through the traditional expressions of aged French brandy: from fruit to flower to nut to rancio, a French term that encapsulates the richness of overripe fruits. Try a vintage selection for a truly unique sipping experience.

  • Food Pairings

    The unrestrained flavors of Château de Millet Armagnac make it the perfect companion for charcuterie boards stacked with cured meats and funky cheeses, as well as for the main course – try a starting cocktail with appetizers followed by a flight of XO, Vintage 2000, 30 Year, and Vintage 1981 with your meal.

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