Bodega Sanchez Romate

Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain

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Brand Story

It was a Spaniard, Juan Sánchez de la Torre, who established the foundations of the firm Sánchez Romate Hermanos in 1781, which today is one of the few remaining wineries in the Jerez Designation of Origin which is still in the hands of local owners. In addition to achieving market recognition for the quality of his wines, Juan Sánchez de la Torre soon earned the appreciation of his fellow Jerez inhabitants: this wine-producer was restless, educated and a man of his time – the Age of Enlightenment – who lent firm support to progress in education and the arts in Jerez.

For over 240 years, Sánchez Romate has employed painstaking wine-making techniques, which start with the white albariza soil, western Andalusia’s sunshine and air, the Palomino, Moscatel and Pedro Ximénez grape varieties and a unique microclimate. All stages of the production process respect the traditional methods and the characteristic Criaderas y Soleras system.

Calidad y Tradición desde 1781