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Bodega Sanchez Romate Fino Perdido Sherry

by Bodega Sanchez Romate

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Alc/Vol: 15%

Size: 750 ML

Each fino cask ages differently depending on the yeast strain, humidity, temperature and air currents in the cellar. Sanchez Romate selects the finest casks and have them bottled as their Fino Perdido. Aged 8 Years. 15% ABV. Palomino Fino grape. A bright golden yellow, transparent wine. Delicate and sharp aroma with notes of yeast, fresh bread dough and almonds that came from its lengthy aging process under the flor yeasts following the traditional solera system where the barrels are arranged into different tiers or criaderas. Very dry and flightly bitter on the palate with a persisting almond and nutty flavor.

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