Featured Cocktail: Espresso Martini at Bottega in Napa Valley

Featured Cocktail: Espresso Martini at Bottega in Napa Valley

"Growing up in Costa Rica, drinking coffee at the breakfast table was a right of passage. When you turned 6 years old, your grandma would pour you your first cafe con leche. With this culture, many of the bodegas sold coffee candies, a staple being a dark chocolate coffee candy filled with raspberry. I love nostalgia, and I wanted to share that with others.  I thought the espresso martini was best way to display that." Jay Long, bar manager at Bottega

Espresso Martini Recipe

1 oz Fresh pulled Italian espresso 
1 oz vodka
1 oz Manly coffee liqueur 
1 oz Irish cream liqueur filtered through cocoa nibs with a pinch of pepper
.25 oz raspberry liqueur 
.25 oz dark chocolate liqueur 
Pinch of sal di grei 

Pour espresso shot over ice to chill. Combine all ingredients and wet shake. Double strain and dry shake. Slowly pour into a coupe glass and garnish with coffee beans.

About Bottega

Bottega offers an unmistakably Italian sense of style in a stunning Napa Valley setting. Chef Michael Chiarello shares the culmination of his years in the kitchen, bringing together the best of Italy and Napa Valley through traditional family recipes prepared with an inspired California twist.

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