Lavender Spritz by Karla Flores at Bar Flores in Los Angeles, California

Lavender Spritz by Karla Flores at Bar Flores in Los Angeles, California

We asked our female bar managers, bar owners and bartenders about their experiences in the hospitality industry. We also asked them to share a cocktail using a female-led ingredient from the Craft Spirits portfolio. Here, Karla Flores, owner of Bar Flores in Los Angeles, shares her thoughts with us.  

It’s quite lovely to be able to provide a safe space for our guests and our employees. I think being in touch with our emotions as leaders is something this industry needs. Passion, care but also understanding. Having a strong voice with confidence on decision-making has put me in places where I have had to over-explain my choices.

I build a community for women to be bad ass bartenders and give opportunities that other bars may not give. To have someone tell me they want to barback with us because they love our environment, see them grow from a barback into a great great bartender and continue to learn everyday is special. I don’t need a resume to tell me that. A big one is creating a safe space for literally everyone - you wouldn’t do that at your Mama's house? You are not doing it here! We are now in a place as woman where we can have a voice of what we tolerate. My big hope is equal pay, equal decision making and - a really big one - setting boundaries of what we can and will do and not get taken advantage of. I hope for more bad ass, hospitality loving, no messing around babes!

Lavender Spritz Recipe

1 oz Capurro Pisco Acholado
1 oz lavender + sweet lemon cordial
.5 oz lemon
Soda water + champagne

Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin, shake and strain into coupe glass. Top off with soda water and champagne. Garnish with edible flower.


About Bar Flores

The idea of Bar Flores was born in 2012 and gradually took shape as Sip, a pop-up speakeasy hosted throughout Los Angeles. Sip offered an immersive experience to Angelenos centered around live music, vibrant cocktails, and a chance to dress up, seek new spaces, and get away from the world for a night. For years Sip jumped from place to place but has finally found a home in Echo Park and been renamed Bar Flores.

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This letter was sent from the Fellows at Capurro Pisco

The Capurro family has been producing pisco for five generations & over 100 years and is proud to have played an integral role in the development of Perú’s national spirit. In March of 1938, Mayor Juan Enrique Capurro and President Oscar R. Benavides together held the first Harvest Festival in Santiago de Surco, Lima, along with the first pisco tasting competition, a tradition that continues today. When the Peruvian government established the standards for the Peruvian Pisco Denomination of Origin fifty-two years later, Juan Enrique's grandson, Eduardo Castro Capurro, assisted as a consultant. 

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