Reflections on Terroir

Reflections on Terroir

Terroir is a French word that means soil, and when it comes to wine and spirits, it is a word that encapsulates the unique flavor that the soil and the climate of a particular place contribute to a finished product. Spirits are, at their core, agricultural products that reflect the climate, terroir and ecology of the place where they were made. Everything that makes a place special - from the bugs in the dirt to the clouds in the sky to the smell of the air - is elemental to the flavor of a place and also fundamental to the spirits that region produces. 

Take, for instance, Capurro Pisco from Perú and Château de Millet Armagnac from France. While both brandies are made from grapes, the final products are starkly different – from the varietals they use, to the composition of the soil, to the microclimates and the local cultures of distillation, each step of production imparts character that is distinct to a time and a place.

In the world of agave, terroir can greatly impact the prominent components of flavor even when it’s the same varietal in the same state in the same country. El Mero Mero Espadín comes from San Dionisio in Oaxaca – an arid desert region, and the agave’s roots grow deep into the ground, searching for water. When distilled into mezcal, the flavor profile is esoteric and earthy. On the other hand, Mezcal Legendario Domingo Espadín comes from San Luis del Rio in Oaxaca, a lush jungle region ripe with tropical fruits. The result is a juicy mezcal, bursting with fruity flavor.

To appreciate the spirits in The Craft Spirits Cooperative portfolio is to appreciate a very specific place. At Manly Spirits, they’re putting nature in a bottle by using indigenous Australian botanicals. Woody Creek works exclusively with farms within a 150 mile radius of their Basalt, Colorado distillery. Aqará Agave de Los Andes showcases the softer side of agave by distilling local agave varietals that otherwise would have been treated like weeds. El Pintor Blanco tequila encapsulates the minerality of a volcanic explosion that happened in Jalisco over 200,000  years ago.

But capturing the beauty and the flavor of a specific place is not enough. If what we do today destroys a place forever, then capturing the beauty of a place in a bottle is neither an honor nor an homage – it is a eulogy. We are not interested in eulogies.

We are interested in life. We are interested in life on planet Earth, today, tomorrow, and for the rest of time. We are interested in breathable air, clean water, fresh fruit, vine ripened tomatoes, freshly baked bread, single origin coffee, farmers' market lettuces, the smell of jasmine on a warm spring day, the fog rolling in, sand between your toes, the crunch of autumn leaves – we are interested in the bounty that life has to offer. Each brand in our portfolio was selected because it represents excellence, not only in the finished product but also in every decision they make during production, from the farmers they work with, to the botanicals they source, to the water they use. It is important to us that all the brands we represent choose sustainability. We take pride in working with brands that put planet Earth first, and we hope you take pride in working with us.

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