Solera Ageing

Solera Ageing


The winery Sánchez Romate Hermanos was founded in 1781 and preserves a romantic, family atmosphere. The firm has over 240 years of experience producing, aging and preserving a wide range of wines made on the premises in century-old criaderas and soleras. This is a precise, painstaking process that is supervised from start to finish, beginning with their gentle care of the soil and the vines, harvesting and pressing the grapes, and finally production: aging, bottling and distribution.

The traditional process of dynamic aging used in the Jerez Designation of Origin gives the wines a series of unmistakable characteristics. It is a system that comprises a series of American oak casks rising up at least three levels. There is one solera and at least two criaderas – rows of barrels stacked on top of each other – in which the wines with different degrees of aging are blended.

The more levels of criaderas, the longer the wine can be aged. The solera, situated at ground level, holds the oldest wine. From there, each higher level of criadera holds increasingly younger wine.

A maximum of a third of the content of the solera is taken out to be bottled. This is replenished with wine taken from the first criadera, which is then refilled from the criadera, and so on; the top criadera is topped up with newly-made wine.

The end result is a wine that is a blend of wines from different vintages, mixed in a balanced, organized system that offers a unique final product.

This letter was sent from the Fellows at Bodega Sanchez Romate

For over 240 years, the firm’s wines and brandies have maintained an open and proudly cosmopolitan spirit without losing sight of the traditional roots of their origins. Sanchez Romate employ painstakingly efficient wine-making techniques, which start with the white albariza soil, western’s sunshine and air, the Palomino, Airen and Pedro Ximenez grape varieties and a unique microclimate.

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