Featured Cocktail: Xila Sangria from Coco Maya in San Diego

Featured Cocktail: Xila Sangria from Coco Maya in San Diego

About Xila Sangria
Coco Maya needed a cocktail on their fall-winter cocktail menu that had a good baking spiciness to it and was accessible to guests. When bar manager Brian Schwab tasted Xila, the spiciness inspired him and reminded him of the best sangria he had while in Spain. Brian was struck by the story of Xila which strongly resonated with the ethos of Coco Maya. He knew right away he wanted it for the winter menu.



Xila Sangria Recipe
Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5oz
Blanco Tequila  .75oz
Xila Licor de Agave 7 Notas .5oz
Orange Juice .5oz
Cinnamon Agave .25oz
Soda Water

Method: Cocktail ingredients are batched together for speed and consistency. Batch is over poured over ice into a wine glass, given a quick stir, topped with soda water and garnished with cinnamon stick, orange wheel & a flower.

About Brian Schwab
Brian has been a bar manager in San Diego for four years. He started with the Grind and Prosper company in April of 2022 and then opened Coco Maya in June of 2022. Brian loves outdoor style restaurants and was drawn to the project because of his love for rooftop bars.

About Coco Maya
Coco Maya is a part of the Grind and Prosper hospitality group in San Diego. It’s a gorgeous restaurant, boasting a rooftop bar with a stunning view of Little Italy. It gathers its inspiration for both its food and cocktails from the history of the Latin American Islands and the Caribbean. Behind the bar you’ll find a collection of various agave and cane spirits.

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This letter was sent from the Fellows at Xila

Hillhamn Salome founded Flor Du Luna in Mexico City in 2015 as the country’s first female-powered distillery - her production team consists of five women including herself. Fittingly, Xila means woman in the Mexican indigenous language of Zapotec, while Flor de Luna references the fragrant and mysterious moon flowers endemic to Chiapas and the Yucatán peninsula.

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