Featured Cocktail: The Condor by Michael Nathan at Palette, San Francisco

Featured Cocktail: The Condor by Michael Nathan at Palette, San Francisco

We are featuring The Condor by Michael Nathan of Palette in San Francisco. He shared his inspiration behind the cocktail as well as the recipe.

​Hospitality for me has always been deeply rooted in story-telling and trust. By creating a sense of place around cocktails and communicating that in an approachable way, the unfamiliar becomes a source of excitement rather than intimidation. And I strive for that opportunity to really connect with someone and hopefully introduce them to something truly special.

The inspiration for this cocktail started out of wondering what the fragrant aromatics of palo santo would taste like on the palate. This simple syrup turned out to be far more complex than I was expecting, woodsy with intense baking spices, toasted almond, coconut, and vanilla. Aqará Plateado was a natural fit for these flavors with plenty of herbaceousness and tropical fruit. I then added apple brandy to complement the baking spice notes with just a bar spoon of pear eau de vie to give the apple more vibrancy. To lift the aroma and create texture I added just a splash of prosecco. Overall this drink strikes a careful balance between some warm quintessentially fall flavors with the refreshing profile of an Airmail (rum, honey, lime, sparkling wine).

The Condor

1.5 oz Aqará Plateado Agave Spirit
0.5 oz Laird's Applejack
1 barspoon Clear Creek Pear Eau de Vie
1 oz palo santo syrup
0.5 oz lime
3 drops saline tincture
1 oz prosecco

Method: Build in tin and short shake. Double strain into Nick & Nora glass, top with prosecco and garnish with orange twist.

​The bar at Palette focuses on classically rooted cocktails driven by California's seasonal produce, and inspired by global flavors. Visit them here.

This letter was sent from the Fellows at Aqara Agave de los Andes

Aqará is at the forefront of the next wave, expanding the agave category. With their own unique production techniques, rather than simply trying to imitate tequila or mezcal, we are beginning to see how producers from various agave growing regions are able to express terroir through agave.

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