Blending Saison Rum

Blending Saison Rum

by Anaïs Brisson, U.S. Operations Manager for Saison Rum

Blending is a crucial step in the creation of tailor-made Saison rums. Saison is made of distillates from 3 distinct terroirs in the Caribbean islands of Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. The aim of blending is to use the specific aromatic characteristics of the different terroirs to find a balance, harmony and a pleasant sensation in the mouth. The intention of Cellar Master Jérôme Tessendier is to bring out the typicity of these terroirs in a perfect balance and to create a unique harmony using the methods of cognac making, blending the different terroirs according to their diverse aromatic profiles to create a unique rum.

The main technique for blending Saison rums is tasting. Step by step, the Cellar Master will get closer to his goal by tasting the distillate regularly. Time is a key element in the success of this blending.

"You have to fight your impatience, there will be no immediate result. Time and anticipation are important," says Jérôme Tessendier. If during the tasting he notices that he has not achieved the flavor objective, that the aromatic palette is not what he expected and that the texture is not suitable, then he will give the distillate time to propose another aromatic palette. The rums are also chemically analyzed, but tasting remains the main technique for creating our Saison rum blends. With time, the Cellar Master will be able to understand and sublimate the evolution of each of the rums in the Saison range.


This letter was sent from the Fellows at Saison Rum

The house of Tessendier has been distilling eaux-de-vie for over 130 years using Charentais stills in traditional Cognac methods. They now apply their expertise in blending and ageing techniques to a different world of spirits: rum. The Tessendier brothers have created a unique blended rum in accordance with the traditional French method of cognac production -- carefully choosing distillates from different regional terroirs to blend. The four key steps defined by the Cellar Master, from the search for ideal terriors to the final touches, naturally suggest the name of the rum: Saison, the French word for season. 

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