Clarissa Explains It All by Kelso Norris at Genever in Los Angeles, California

Clarissa Explains It All by Kelso Norris at Genever in Los Angeles, California

We asked our female bar managers, bar owners and bartenders about their experiences in the hospitality industry. We also asked them to share a cocktail using a female-led ingredient from the Craft Spirits portfolio. Here, Kelso Norris, bar manager of Genever in Los Angeles, shares her thoughts with us.  

Kelso Norris

I've been very fortunate to work alongside some very passionate, talented and driven people in this industry who happen to be women. Belinda Chang and Carson Demmond graciously shared their wine expertise and knowledge with me when I was starting out in fine dining.  Meaghan Dorman took me under her wing when I was at Raines Law Room and shared not only her immense cocktail skills but also a deeper understanding of the day to day life of a bar manager and all that entails. (Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of hats.) All three of them placed an emphasis on continued learning and teamwork and rewarded my curiosity. That approach tends to create a community where everyone involved grows in their respective fields.

Clarissa Explains It All Recipe

1 oz Åhus Akvavit
1.5 oz Gray Whale Gin
.5 oz onion brine
Everything bagel bitters
Smoked salmon stuffed olives

Combine ingredients in mixing glass with ice and stir. Strain into Nick & Nora glass and garnish with smoked salmon stuffed olives.

About Genever

Genever is a friendly and intimate lounge, located in Los Angeles’ Historic Filipinotown. Inspired by world travels and driven by local bounty, we serve fresh libations with an emphasis on local produce and house-made syrups and shrubs.  By highlighting gin on the menu, we offer a vast amount, as well as a diverse selection of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine. Genever is proud to be one of the growing number of women-owned and operated bars in the nation, made up of Roselma, Christine and Patricia, aka Red Capiz Partners (RCP).

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This letter was sent from the Fellows at Åhus Akvavit

Åhus Akvavit is the culmination of over a century of locally honed distillation methods and recipes from its provenance and namesake Åhus, a tiny seaside village in southern Sweden. At the center of the town lies the Spiritchurch, a distillery built in 1906 and still running to this day. For many years, all Swedish aquavits were produced there and there only. Today, they make only one; Åhus, the finest expression of their village’s heritage and craftsmanship. 

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